The decoder receives the Decodersignals from the transponders, calculates the exact finish time and provides the data to the scoring software like race|result 11 in real time.  The system runs independently from your computer and from power supply.

Besides it offers the follow features: internal battery which lasts 8 hours, GPS receiver for time synchronization, detection indication via LED and/or beeper, connector for external battery/cigarette lighter of your car (so we will never run out of power), integrated 3G modem for automatic results upload, USB connector to save the data on a USB stick.


Passive Ground Antenna

The ground antenna can be set up in less than a minute and with a massive length of 4.8 metres (16 ft) it’s the right choice for almost any event.  If necessary, it can be shortened by simply unfolding the antenna completely or by splitting it into smaller parts.



Pre Race

Participant Registration
In order for us to generate the race results we will require a list of participants in excel format.  The basic information required is Bib Number, Participant Name, Gender, Age/Date of Birth, Race Category (if applicable).  You can download the Participant Registration Sheet from our Resources section.


During the Race

Each athlete wears a chip (or tag), the chip’s ID is assigned with the athlete’s race number.  There are 3 types of chip.  To find out more on our chips (tags) visit our Tag Options section.
Ground Antenna
These are placed on the ground at points where we need to record the athlete time/split.  This is usually at the start and at the finish.  As the chip is passed over the ground antenna, it powers the chip long enough for the reader to read the chip’s ID.
Each ground antenna is connected to a reader.  As an athlete passes over the ground antenna the reader collects the chip’s ID and the exact time at which it was read.


Post Race

With the information gathered in the previous steps we can product the race results using our sophisticated results software.  We have multiple race report types available (Overall, Split Gender, Age Category, Team Ranking etc.)  We can also create custom pre and post race reports of your choosing, these reports may include participants email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses etc.  See a sample Triathlon Report here or a Road Race Report here.
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